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How to Flip a House Like It's A Hot Potato

Ever wondered how it's possible to flip a house like it's a hot potato? Let me show you the secret of this elusive practice that I have been teaching people for years.

Flipping houses is the process of purchasing a home and reselling it within a short time period, sometimes as little as one day. This is a lot like real estate investing, except that you are reselling it in a way that doesn't require hours upon hours of research and careful shopping.

The flip has to do with the seller that you have purchased the house from, because they are by the property owner. They will allow you to place an offer on their property in exchange for having the option to purchase the property you just purchased.

When the offer is made, the offer and counter offer must be simultaneously given to the owner of the property. The property owner will accept the offer you have offered if they feel it is in their best interest. They will also only accept an offer that falls within their price range.

Now you have to get the property out for an inspection. Since the offer is to sell the property, the inspector will be looking for various flaws. They will make sure everything is in the best condition that they can find.

Now the inspector will want to see what the present market value of the home is. The inspector will want to see the estimated amount that you are going to take off of the market value, and the inspector will present a value based on current market conditions.

Easy House Flipping Methods To Follow

After this, the inspector will give you a quote. After this, the owner will have an opportunity to review the quotes. They will then have the opportunity to accept the offer or reject it.

If the offer is accepted, they will decide if they will accept your offer based on the present market value of the property. If the property is in very good condition, they will accept the offer. However, if they feel the conditions aren't really good enough, they will turn down the offer.

Now they will have another quote to go over and present to you, which you will need to accept. You will then agree on the final offer and give it to the seller to sign. Then the last part is to close on the deal and the sale can begin.

At this point, you have no obligations for the property you bought or anything like that. However, you have a contract with the seller. You are now technically in the process of purchasing the house from them.

If the property you are selling does not meet the guidelines of the contract you have with the seller, you can end up in legal trouble. You should know that in Florida, there is a statute of limitations that you have to keep in mind before you accept the contract.


You have to be sure to tell the previous owners before you purchase the house, in writing, that you are purchasing the house. This is required by law.